Consulting Services

Gray Consulting assists clients in the design and deployment of their Radiology PACS, whether it is their first PACS, an upgrade of an existing system or a replacement of an existing system. The design stage involves the use of customized questionnaires and data collection worksheets designed to assess needs, detect bottlenecks, review utilization patterns, and discover requirements. The one-on-one interviews (conducted personally by Michael Gray) with Technologists, Clerical Staff, Radiologists, and Referring Physicians are particularly useful in determining the “right” solutions that will meet the client’s unique needs.  First time PACS projects would benefit from both the Strategic Plan and the Vendor Selection phases.  Those planning PACS upgrades or replacements, most likely will only need the Vendor Selection phase.

Strategic Plan Vendor Selection
Administrative Questionnaire Strategic Plan Review
Data Collection System Requirements/Specifications
Process/Operations Observation Definition of Required Services
Workflow Analysis RFP Preparation/Response Analysis
On-site Interviews Site Visit Preparation
Proposed Solutions Vendor Selection
System Design Contract Review
System Description Assistance with Project Management
Phased Deployment Strategy Workflow Redesign
Enterprise Rollout Strategy Final Report Presentation
Business Case/Modeling

Trade Show Reviews

Do more than just kick tires

Major trade shows offer a great opportunity to learn more about vendor solutions and make product comparisons.  Since this is not a formal part of the vendor selection process, these can be done at almost any time.

For a Trade Show to be worthwhile, you must find a knowledgeable vendor representative to talk to, be sure to ask all the right questions, and document what you learned for later evaluation.

To make trade show evaluations as productive as possible, Gray Consulting provides:

•    Suggestions on which vendors/products to check out
•    Scheduled appointments with knowledgeable vendor representatives
•    Suggestions on questions to ask and specific features to see
•    Participation in vendor meetings to maximize information gathered
•    A written report summary and analysis of the vendor meetings

Common topics for trade show reviews include:

•    (PACS) System Architecture
•    PACS-Neutral Archives (aka Vendor-Neutral Archives)
•    Storage Solutions
•    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions
•    Cloud Storage Service offerings
•    DICOM Conformance
•    Document Scanning
•    Technologist Workstation
•    Data Migration
•    Computed Radiography
•    Entry-level Archives and Upgrade Paths
•    Web Servers
•    Voice Recognition Reporting Systems
•    Taking ER Digital
•    Professional Services in support of Rollout Strategies

Show reviews are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The RSNA, AHRA, SCAR, and other shows are ideal opportunities for “walkabouts”, and other shows can be included, provided there is sufficient interest.