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Where do we go from here?

Most new clients have been referred to Gray Consulting by a colleague, by a vendor representative, or have caught one of my postings on an industry web site or my own web log. After an initial phone conversation, which is generally at no charge, many potential clients simply contract with Gray Consulting for enough time to cover a series of phone calls to discuss the Project, the related Technology, and general recommendations.

In many cases, a client will contract for enough time to cover a one day visit to get to know me and work out a plan with the Project Team on how to proceed. A typical day might include:

• Meeting the Team
• An opening Educational session focused on the Project and the related Technology
• Formal presentation of the Project by the Team
• High-level department walk through and workflow observation
• High-level site analysis
• Open discussion of the Project Issues, Goals, Obstacles, or Challenges

This visit is followed by a written summary of the day’s activities, discoveries, suggestions, etc.

This approach provides the Project Team with a relatively low-cost way to “interview” Mike Gray, while gaining some invaluable information that will help determine how best to proceed.