Personal Profile

Michael J. Gray

Mr. Gray is a Consultant specializing in the Digital Management and Distribution of Medical Image Data. Mr. Gray’s areas of expertise are Market Analysis, Technology Analysis, Strategic Planning, Equipment Utilization, Needs Assessment, Workflow Analysis, and Vendor Analysis/Selection. Mr. Gray’s unique perspective has proven invaluable to Radiology, Cardiology, and Information System administrators planning the introduction of new Image Management technologies into their imaging departments and hospitals. Mr. Gray routinely speaks to both national and local Health Care Organizations on subjects such as technology, business case modeling, and system deployment strategies.

Beginning in 2006, Gray Consulting has had an opportunity to learn, develop and promote the subject of PACS-Neutral Archive. Numerous posts on his web site chronicle the development of this emerging technology. Beginning in 2008, most of the projects that Gray Consulting has been involved with have focused on this very-long-term strategic approach to Enterprise Archiving.

Gray Consulting was established in April of 1991. For the period of time that Mr. James Maughan was with the consulting practice (June, 1996 through December 1998), the organization was doing business as Gray & Maughan Consulting.

Since 1982, Mr. Gray has specialized in the medical imaging market segment known as Picture Archiving and Communications (PACS). He has personally pioneered the development of several key technologies including image acquisition, workstation design, storage solution strategies. And most recently PACS-Neutral Enterprise Archiving.

Up until 1997, Mr. Gray wrote several annual technology reports on Hardcopy and Electronic Image Management technologies. These management-oriented Reports were widely subscribed to by the industry and were considered to be the definitive source on the subject. In the past ten years, Mr. Gray has developed PACS implementation strategies for numerous radiology departments. His product development experience is reflected in the uniqueness of these plans.

Mr. Gray was one of three principles that founded Adaptive Video, Inc. in August of 1986. The company was the first to productize a programmable video digitizer that would prove to be crucial to image acquisition for Teleradiology and Laser Film Printing. Through April of 1991, Mr. Gray served as both President and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the company as he established it as a successful, independent provider of image acquisition and management systems.

Prior to Adaptive Video, Mr. Gray was active as a consultant and author. He established a successful consulting practice as a member of The Shema Group from May of 1985 through June of 1987. His clients included several major X-Ray companies; a major manufacturer of computer systems and peripherals; a major manufacturer of laser printing equipment; several small companies which design and manufacture image display/processing workstations, teleradiology systems, and database management file servers; a manufacturer of interfaces and “cross-vendor” image networks; and several small software development companies specializing in image processing applications for medical images. During this period Mr. Gray published two volumes entitled Perspectives in PACS, which were privately subscribed to by many industry leaders.

Prior to joining The Shema Group, Mr. Gray was Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Medinet, Inc., a company specializing in the development and marketing of Medical Image and Database Management Systems for radiology departments. In addition to assisting in the original public offering, his duties included product planning and development, and all the marketing support services necessary in the introduction of a new product line.

Before Medinet, Mr. Gray was manager of the Medical Systems Group at Gould Inc., Imaging and Graphics Division. While at Gould, he was responsible for vertical marketing and sales of all medical imaging systems; OEM accounts, end-user components, and a new series of Imaging and Database Management Systems that he originated and developed.

Prior to Gould, Mr. Gray was co-founder and president of Nuclear Cardiology Systems. NCS’s primary business was the development of third party display systems and related software packages for the Nuclear Medicine computer industry. NCS’s product licenses were eventually acquired by another imaging company.

Thirty years ago Mr. Gray entered the medical image display and data processing field as a product manager, sales consultant, and subsequently regional sales manager for ADAC Laboratories. During these early days at ADAC, Mr. Gray developed and routinely conducted many of the technical and motivational sales programs for the national sales force.

Mr. Gray is a native of St. Louis, Mo. and relocated to the San Francisco Bay area during his Army service. He and his family now reside in Novato, California. Mr. Gray has a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Washington University, St. Louis; holds three U.S. patents; and has an extensive bibliography in medical image display and database management systems.