Michael Gray, principal of Gray Consulting, has nearly thirty years of experience directly related to PACS. He was in the audience at a meeting held in Newport Beach in 1980, when the acronym “PACS” was first used. He is not exactly a founder of the movement, but he was one of the first to understand the concept and its potential for changing medical imaging. Michael has a deep understanding of the technology of PACS and he has learned along the way, how radiology departments work. His complete Personal Profile will familiarize you with his background and experiences related to PACS.

One way to learn PACS is to invent some of its underlying technology. Michael is listed along with others on two US Patents related to Image Management technology. But it is not enough to create. The true value of invention and knowledge is the ability to convey ideas to others, and that requires communication. Michael has an extensive Bibliography that represents the ability to convey the concepts of PACS to his clients. This ability to write combined with an understanding of the technology enriches all of his project reports, making it much easier for the client to comprehend and process an otherwise complicated technology.